Fast Carbohydrates

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Nutrient timing is equally supported as it may be debated, but there is one thing you cannot deny. Ensuring muscle glycogen levels are full maximises performance, enhances energy output and prevents muscle loss.

When you are at your most critical time during the post workout phase and your body is screaming for nutrients, you need FAST CARBS.

  • Replenish Glycogen
  • Enhance Performance
  • Increase Recovery

By utilising an easily digestible, fast absorbing carbohydrate source post workout, depleted muscle levels of glycogen can be refuelled faster, which allows for more efficient muscle growth, enhanced recovery speed and better long term repeat bout performance.

Core Ingredient


Dextrose is a single chain monosaccharide commonly referred to as a simple sugar or a high GI carbohydrate. Despite being derived primarily from corn, Dextrose is usually gluten free and is rapidly delivered to the bloodstream and available for energy use or storage as glycogen.

Final Thoughts

For optimal recovery, improved energy levels and enhanced potential for heightened muscle growth, consume post workout for optimal results.

Fast Carbohydrates
Fast Carbohydrates

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