AH-D Ripped Strength Series - 60 Capsules

by BPI Sports


A-HD RIPPED is a powerful 2-in-1, Multi-Functional Natural Testosterone Booster and Defining Agent. With improved testosterone levels, one may experience enhanced performance, increased sex drive, lower body fat, improved strength and more lean muscle. A-HD RIPPED was created using the purest, most effective, natural ingredients to not only support natural test levels, but to suppress estrogen, leaving you with a well-built, chiselled physique. Take just one pill, twice a day, and get ready to experience increased performance both in and out of the gym.


Testosterone levels have been shown in clinical trials to decrease as we age. Low T levels can cause many unwanted side effects for men such as increased body fat, loss of energy, decreased sex drive and lack of performance. To these effects, A-HD RIPPED can help support natural test levels, while suppressing estrogen. With anti-aromatase properties, A-HD™ RIPPED can be taken to boost performance or to help as a PCT. Featuring the Liposomal Matrix Delivery System, you can count on maximum absorption and bioavailability of each ingredient.


DIOSCORA NIPPONICA MAKINO This plant has been clinically validated to increase DHEA by 100%.

EUCOMMIA EXTRACT Used as a traditional Chinese medicine, Eucommia helps augment signalling without increasing androgens and estrogens.

STINGING NETTLE ROOT Helps stabilize hormone levels and works as an anti-estrogen.

CUCUMIS MELO Studies show an increase in glucose metabolism and increased performance.

LIPOSOMAL MATRIX DELIVERY SYSTEM One-of-a-kind delivery system designed to help enhance absorption rates and oral bioavailability. The natural encapsulation of lipophilic and hydrophilic nutrients within liposomes helps each ingredient bypass the destructive elements of the gastric system, therefore delivering nutrients to cells faster and more efficiently.

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