CLA 1000

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Want to burn fat and stay hydrated? Burn Complex Thermogenic Drink Mix is for you. Let’s face the facts: getting enough water in each and every day is challenging. Water gets boring and despite knowing you should drink more, you often don’t hit your targets.

Enter Burn Complex. Simply mix this into your water and you’ll instantly be met with great flavour that will make drinking your water a breeze. This is more than a great tasting flavour enhancer though. With Burn Complex, you’ll help ensure your body is burning fat 24 hours a day.

Some of the excellent benefits you can look forward to include:
  • Support for a faster metabolic rate. The faster your metabolism is, the quicker you burn calories all day long and the greater total fat loss you will see.
  • Improved energy levels. Take this product and in 15-30 minutes, you’ll ditch that ho-hum feeling you have for one of energy and a readiness to tackle your day (it beats coffee, hands down!)
  • Acceleration of the burning of fat storage. Often getting the fatty acids out of your fat stores is the hardest part of the equation. This product makes that easier.
  • Laser-sharp focus. This will help you both in the gym as well as out. If you have a big presentation coming up at work for instance, Burn Complex will help you get through.
  • Low calorie formula. Adding just 12 calories to your day. This is something that every dieter, no matter what diet they happen to be on can afford adding.
CLA 1000
CLA 1000