Musclepharm Stack - Combat Whey + BCAA's + Creatine + Shaker

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Musclepharm Essentials Stack

MusclePharm Combat 100% Whey Powder - 2.2kg

Every scoop of Combat 100% Whey™ is packed with 25g of 100% whey protein as whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate that digests quickly to help satisfy your daily protein needs. In addition, Combat 100% Whey™ is low in fats and free of artificial dyes, fillers, gluten, and other undesirable ingredients. 68 Servings 25g Protein per serve.

+ MusclePharm Creatine - 60 Servings

5 Grams of Creatine Monohydrate Per Serve. Promotes Increases In
Strength & Power.
Musclepharm Creatine

+ MusclePharm BCAA - 30 Servings

Supports Lean Mass Growth, Reduces Muscle Breakdown, and Increases
Protein Synthesis
Musclepharm BCAA

+ Free Shaker

Free Shaker