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What Is Primeval Mega Pre?

This is an intense powerful pre-workout formula that’s designed to help you get the most nutrition and energy during your workout.

The company’s approach to pre-workout supplements lies in the sweet spot between an all-stimulant cocktail and those with too much nutrients that aren’t really used during your workout.

The company claims that every single ingredient used in the supplement is specifically needed for your workouts and will be utilized by your body during the process. If this is true, that would be an incredible feat, as they would have made the perfect pre-workout supplement.

The company doesn’t believe in duplicating the same process as other nutritional companies that simply package a cocktail of stimulants and sell at a steep price to unsuspecting buyers and users.

Primeval Mega Pre Ingredients

Primeval Mega Pre boasts of eight clinically backed ingredients guaranteed to have you lifting more, running more, benching more and essentially being a badass in the gym.

These include:

  • L-Citrulline – well known in the fitness community for aiding lean muscle bodies, adding power to your workouts, boosting your strength and increasing your endurance during workouts
  • D-Ribose – plays a vital role in ensuring the availability of ATP during your workouts, which eliminates fatigue and supplies huge energy boost. D-Ribose helps your muscle regenerate ATP real quickly so your muscles can keep expanding, contracting and growing
  • Betaine – this is a key ingredient in helping you increase strength as well as lean muscle mass. A derivative of choline, betaine ensures explosive power and performance in during your workouts
  • Choline Bitartate – focus is how you kill it every single time in the gym. This is what choline bitartate adds to your workouts. This ensures and strengthens the mind-muscle connection, yielding powerful impressive results
  • Glycerpump – when it comes to workouts, dehydration is the enemy. Want to stay hydrated throughout your workouts, add some glycerpump to your regimen
  • L-Norvaline – this functions for vasodilation and blood flow optimization which ensures your muscles get adequate blood while they’re contracting and pumping
  • VasoDrive-AP – this counteracts the mechanism of an enzyme that converts angiotensin into a compound that inhibits oxygen flow to crucial body parts during your workouts
  • Huperzinesuper focus during your training. Think of this and focus on steroids, particularly when present with choline bitartate
Mega Pre
Mega Pre
Mega Pre
Mega Pre