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Maximize Athletic Performance

  • Maximize Nitric Oxide and Nutrient Delivery*
  • Intensify Muscle Volume, Blood Flow, and Strength*
  • Increase Power Output, Endurance, and Stamina*
  • Support Mental Clarity and Laser Sharp Focus*

Old-School N.O. Supplements Just Became Obsolete!

Up until very recently, supplements that boost nitric oxide have just been “OK.” Athletes have noticed results, but they’ve often been left wanting more.*

What if there was a nitric oxide maximizing and muscle-volumizing supplement that was a truly complete workout formula? One that would give you the intense muscle pumps of a professional bodybuilder, the strength of an Olympic lifter, the endurance of a triathlete, and the laser focus and determination of a prized cage fighter, all in one product? There is, and Megatron is the answer.*

The Most Complete Muscle Volumizer Ever*

Megatron is formulated with ultra-pure, non-proprietary ingredients as a complete workout formula that attacks your workouts from every angle. Megatron's Pump – Volumize – Endurance Support Matrix ensures high nitric oxide levels for intense vasodilation and extreme muscle pumps, as well as waste product elimination and cellular hydration for exceptional endurance, stamina and strength. With the very latest proven ingredients like Amentoflavone, Citrulline Malate, and CarnoSyn® among others, Megatron keeps your muscles full while pushing you to train longer, harder, and stronger. Megatron also contains key elements to increase mental focus and coordination for tapping into the mind-muscle connection to push you through your most grueling workout barriers.*


Nutrient delivery is crucial, and Megatron's custom absorption enhancer not only increases nutrient uptake, but has also been shown to support healthy anti-inflammatory action to allow you to push harder and longer.*

Last but not least, Megatron's VO2 Max Support Matrix helps your body become extremely efficient at using energy by tapping into body fat for extended energy expenditure while sparing muscle, and it helps protect mitochondria cells from damage, ensuring the prevention of fatigue so you can train beyond “the wall.”*

Megatron Stats

If you’re a hard-training athlete looking for the most scientifically advanced and complete muscle volumizer and nitric oxide maximizer for before and during workouts, Megatron is guaranteed to produce the results you demand.*