The Ultimate Metabolic Stack

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The Ultimate Metabolic Stack is absolute FIRE!

Bundle and save with this bundle of everything you need for your performance and recovery based supps!

WHATS INCLUDED: A high stimulant, performance based Pre-Workout, Glutamine, Creatine, and BCAA's!


*Please let us know your preferred flavour of Creatine - Unflavoured, Green Apple or Fruit Punch


Energy Stimulant Pre Workout (ESP) is a high-intensity product designed for multi-stage released energy to ensure performance optimisation is achieved. Unlike most pre-workouts, ESP has been designed to suit multiple types of users, with the opportunity to start small and go LARGE with additional serves to suit your needs.

  • Crazy Focus
  • Intense Energy
  • Heightened Mood

Utilising key ingredients dosed at appropriate levels to support synergy in energy production, ESP combines potent dopaminergic stimulants with core adrenaline stimulating ingredients at optimal ratios for optimal energy.

ESP removes the erratic approach of most pre-workouts and provides an intense introductory release of energy with a sustainable release of mood-regulating ingredients to follow.

Tried and tested for not only the highest quality of ingredients but the flavour profile is incredible as well!


Caffeine is a highly efficacious adrenergic stimulant that acts two-fold in the brain by stimulating the release of adrenaline and simultaneously blocking the uptake of adenosine, which is known for its sedative effects. At A huge 500mg per scoop, ESP will significantly enhance energy, but without the crash!


More commonly known as DMHA, 2-Aminoisoheptane is a strong dopaminergic stimulant, causing an influx of mood stimulating energy with a synergistic release of adrenaline to support caffeine intake. At 165mg per scoop and the option of using a double serve, ESP offers possibly the highest dose of DMHA available.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a rate limiting amino acid, responsible for increasing intramuscular Carnosine levels and improving the muscle's ability to buffer and remove lactic acid during high-intensity exercise. Users of beta alanine may experience a slight tingling sensation post consumption, but with consistent use, an increase in strength endurance and high-intensity endurance should be recognised as well.



T.A.G., or Trans Alanyl Glutamine, is the only true Muscle-Targeted Glutamine. Due to its unique di-peptide bond, T.A.G. creates a jacket to protect glutamine all the way through to the muscle. T.A.G. is an ideal solution for muscle repair, reducing muscle tissue degradation, and enhancing recovery.

Glutamine has been a staple for athletes and fitness enthusiasts for benefits to muscle recovery and glutamine’s impact on the body’s immune system as a whole. While glutamine has many advantages to helping improve performance and health, it is often under-utilized in supplement programs due to poor absorption kinetics. However, T.A.G. has been scientifically engineered to deliver the full dose of glutamine necessary due to its unique bonding with alanine. Enhanced absorption means real results, and with enhanced recovery, you can go longer and stronger than ever before.



Engineered for maximal absorption and prolonged amino acid delivery, TRI-PEP takes BCAAs to the next level by using a unique peptide bonded technology to ensure the highest efficacy possible in every scoop.

BCAAs have been well-established in the scientific literature to be a valuable addition to any training regimen. Whether endurance, strength, or muscle size is your goal, branch-chained amino acids help improve recovery, build muscle and heighten overall amino acid concentration in the blood.

Where free form amino acids fail, however, TRI-PEP excels through its unique Peptide bonds. These bonded peptides help elevate glycogen levels, improve absorption, and help promote endurance while limiting muscle tissue breakdown. Additionally, TRI-PEP utilizes an exclusive HYDRA-SORB™ process that improves mixability and taste when mixed with water or your favourite beverage.


C.G.P Creatine

The unique phosphate-bonded creatine in C.G.P. has an unparalleled advantage in its delivery by using an additional glycerol bond to facilitate rapid absorption. C.G.P. delivers a high energy boost to your ATP supply to help delay fatigue and maximize strength development.

With more than 600 published studies backing its value for athletes and general fitness enthusiasts alike, creatine has long been one of the most popular sports supplement ingredients due to its well-established track record of safety and efficacy. While there are many forms of creatine, only C.G.P. has the unique double bonding of glycerol and phosphate to improve absorption, increase energy through enhanced ATP production, and provide better blood flow which increases vascularity and sustains harder muscle pumps. The superior absorption kinetics of C.G.P. means that there is no need for a loading phase and users will not experience bloating or cramping typically found in other creatine's.


CGP is available in Unflavoured, Green Apple, and Fruit Punch Flavour. Please let us know which flavour you would prefer once ordering, otherwise a flavour will be chosen at random.

The Ultimate Metabolic Stack