Fat Burner Tips You Wish You Knew Before!

Tips to maximizing your Fat Burning potential!

Have you ever bought yourself that Fat Burner to help shred those extra pounds ready for Summer but never really known how it works or what it's made up of? Well, stick around as we go into the science behind Fat Burners and give you some of our best tips to get those results coming in quicker than the sweat that will be dripping from your brow!

A bit worried that you may just be buying into the hype of the next best thing to hit the market? We all really want to know if it’s going to be worth it but how exactly does a fat burner work?

Fat burners, known to be because of their ability to push your body into what's known as thermogenesis; resulting in more calories being burned (which we will touch on soon), alongside some other great features, can be incredibly helpful for shaving off those extra lbs to reveal those gains you have worked so hard for!

Fat Burners work like an enhancer, giving your body an extra boost of energy, helping to speed up your metabolism, heat up that core temperature to burn those calories and more! 


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Lets discuss some of the common ingredients used and how they work -


A key component of beta-oxidation (the process in which fatty acids are broken down to generate energy) is that the long-chain fatty acids need to reach the inner region of the mitochondria of the cell. On their own, these fatty acids are unable to cross the mitochondrial membrane. Research shows that when L-Carnitine is present in the body, this process becomes possible and the cell can generate the energy needed to push you through those tough workouts.

Carnitine is a compound made by the body and is stored in muscle cells. Intense training, on a consistent basis, often leads to depleted stores which can hinder overall energy production. When getting rid of stubborn fat is your goal, you’ll likely be training at a higher intensity, with more frequent visits to the gym. Supplementing with L-Carnitine will allow more energy for those workouts and get you in that fat burning zone. 


One of the main ingredients many enthusiasts look for when buying a Fat Burner is the stimulant drug Caffeine. Caffeine is that beloved ingredient in the coffee you drink every morning that helps get you out of bed and into the gym or daily routine. You might be surprised by this but believe it or not, Caffeine is also one of the best fat burner options for people to try. Caffeine is a stimulant that increases the amount of energy you have and the amount of alertness that you feel. Caffeine is an organic substance found in coffee beans, cocoa, tea leaves, and other foods/plants.

How does caffeine work in your body?

The way that Caffeine works in your body is a little tricky to explain. When neurons fire in your brain throughout the day, a substance called Adenosine builds up in your body and brain. It makes you tired, lethargic and keeps you on the couch longer than you'd like to be there.

Caffeine is the same size and shape as Adenosine and it is a little sneaky in the sense that once consumed, it binds to the Adenosine receptors, which in turn blocks the natural process and stops you from feeling tired. Where Adenosine has you feeling groggy and tired, Caffeine on the other hand has you alert and firing in minutes! Once Adenosine is blocked by Caffeine, you can expect to experience this jolt of energy from chemicals in the body such as dopamine and glutamate.