Oxyshred Hardcore

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The Dark horse of Oxyshred, better than every before! OxyShred Hardcore has been designed for users looking for tremendous amount of energy and focus that lasts long throughout the day as well as annihilating any unwanted weight. EHP Labs OxyShred Hardcore is here to get you lean and one step closer to your weight loss goals.

  • Fat Burning Powerhouse
  • Proven Fat Burning Ingredients
  • Better Focus & Better Mood
  • Extreme Energy 

Directions for use: Take 1 scoop of Oxyshred upon waking on an empty stomach with 250-500mL of cold water for the morning kick and metabolism ignition. 15-20 minutes before you train, consume 1 scoop of Oxyshred with about 150-200mL of water for to increase your energy, mood & fat burning process. 

Oxyshred Hardcore
Oxyshred Hardcore
Oxyshred Hardcore

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