Syntha-6 Ultra Premium Protein

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The Original & Favourite Blended Protein

  • Trademark Delicious Taste & Creamy Texture
  • Classic Blend of Whey, Milk & Egg Proteins
  • Provides Sustained Release of Amino Acids
  • Perfect for Anytime Time of Day Supplementation

BSN Syntha-6 is the ultra-premium protein powder with an ultra-premium taste. Our multi-functional protein blend utilizes multiple individual proteins, each with varying digestive rates and distinct amino acid profiles. This combination ensures active muscles are fed for hours with the most complete blend of proteins available. To enhance this ultra-premium blend, Syntha-6 has been fortified with BCAAs, muscle-sparing glutamine chains, A²ZORB for greater digestion and heart-healthy MCTs and essential fatty acids.

Last but certainly not least, each serving of Syntha-6 provides you with 5 grams of fibre for slower digestion and increased nutrient uptake. Not only does Syntha-6 produce mouth-watering shakes, which can only be described as "ridiculously delicious," it provides you a healthy meal, perfect for rigorous training schedules and hectic lifestyles.

Ridiculously Delicious

BSN broke through the whey protein flavour barrier once and for all with the introduction of SYNTHA-6. Available in over 10 decadent flavors, SYNTHA-6 mixes like a delicious milkshake and is designed for any individual who wants to supplement daily protein intake to help reach their nutritional and physique goals.

Product Highlights

  • Maximise Lean Muscle Recovery & Development
  • Multi-Functional A.M.-P.M. Protein Blend + Additional Digestive Enzymes
  • Fortified with BCAAs (for nitrogen balance), Glutamine (recovery, immune system), MCTs (fast energy) and fibre
  • Fantastic Flavour Profiles

    Syntha-6 Ultra Premium Protein
    Syntha-6 Ultra Premium Protein
    Syntha-6 Ultra Premium Protein
    Syntha-6 Ultra Premium Protein
    Syntha-6 Ultra Premium Protein
    Syntha-6 Ultra Premium Protein