Cranberry Bladder Bites For Dogs Antioxidant

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Natural Support for When Nature Calls!
Our Cranberry Bladder Bites™ are delicious soft chews with ingredients that promotes kidney, bladder, and urinary tract health to help dogs feel their very best.

Cran-Max®: Formulated with patented Bio-Shield® technology, this pure Cranberry concentrate is clinically studied for supporting bladder and urinary tract function.
Organic Marshmallow Root: May help to flush kidney and bladder buildups to promote healthy urinary tract function for more comfortable urination.
D-Mannose: Derived from birch bark, this corn-free ingredient may help to defend the lining of the urinary tract from bad bacteria.
Organic Astragalus: Contains natural properties that provide kidney and immune system support.
Organic Licorice: Provides kidney detoxifying support, while also bolstering digestive and immune system function.

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Suggested Use
For use in dogs only.

Cranberry Bladder Bites For Dogs Antioxidant
Cranberry Bladder Bites For Dogs Antioxidant