Mr Hyde

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Once again, Prosupps brings you a pre-workout formula that will help you shatter your previous personal workout records and take you above your training limit. Welcome to the world of Mr. Hyde, the evil side of Dr. Jekyll. By evil we mean this in a positive way. This formula is high in stimulants and contains high powered thermogenic compounds with a pretty solid dose of creatine with the added pump agent agmatine sulphate. This formula is very effective when it comes to giving you loads of energy and intensity as well as great pumps. 

Ingredients & Benefits

Beta Alanine - This is ideal for those athletes who need to go the extra mile. It helps combat muscle fatigue and provides added endurance to your workout. The formula contains 250mg of this ingredient which for some may be a bit strong but you can definitely feel it work through your body.

Creatine HCI – The formula contains 1000mg of this ingredient which is the proper dosage for a proper pre-workout. 

Caffeine – Mr. Hyde contains 3 forms of caffeine which provide your body with a high stimulant level of 419mg per scoop. This will help increase athletic performance through energy support while at the same time combating fatigue.

Agmatine Sulphate – Helps in the production of luteinizing hormone and growth hormone. It supports muscle pumps and nutrient partitioning and is properly dosed at 500mg. 

L-Leucine – This dietary Amino Acid helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis. It increases the synthesis of muscle proteins thereby slowing down the degradation of muscle tissue. 

Pikatropin (Pikamilon) Pikatropin, perhaps better known as pikamilon, is a cognitive enhancer (a derivative of GABA and niacin) that promotes greater blood flow to the brain and reduces mental fatigue. Pikatropin is able to enhance cognitive and analytical function as well as performance (hand to eye coordination and reaction times).

Synephrine, octopamine, dendrobium

Alongside these ingredients, Mr. Hyde also contains Synephrine, octopamine and dendrobium which work hand in hand to create a potent high powered thermogenic blend.

This is a product that provides more and more energy. Just one scoop of Mr. Hyde will give you a huge boost and consistently push you through your workout. Its infinergy energy blend provides for maximum receptor sensitivity.

Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde

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