REDCON1 MRE Meal Replacement

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REDCON1 MRE: Meal Replacement

Fuel your body with MRE, commonly known in the Military as Meals Ready-to-Eat. M.R.E. are rations given to the soldiers to provide them with nutrients to keep running strong while out in the field. The most important fuel you can give your body is real food, especially whole foods. MRE is made from natural ingredients and a real protein blend. RECON1's MRE formula contains absolutely no whey!


  • - Real Whole Food Sources
  • - No Cheap Fillers or Cheap Ingredients
  • - Contains No Whey

With MRE, you're given the nutrients you need to repair and recover muscle tissue from the best possible whole foods sources. Stop reaching for fast foods and reach for whole foods with M.R.E.


REDCON1 MRE Meal Replacement
REDCON1 MRE Meal Replacement