Redcon1 Cluster Bomb

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If you want to push your workouts to the highest level possible, you need to be thinking about your nutrition during the workout. That is where Cluster Bomb by Redcon1 comes into play.

Many people are highly focused on their pre-workout supplement as well as their post workout supplement, but completely neglect what is happening during the workout itself. This is the most import time!

Cluster Bomb by Redcon1 provides you with a fast-acting quality carb source that you can take in and continue with that intense workout you have planned.

If you add a scoop of Cluster Bomb by Redcon1 to your workout session, you’ll enjoy:
Better muscle pumps during that workout session
Improved muscle strength and peak force contraction
Better muscle endurance
Faster recovery immediately following your workout session
Reduced muscle soreness
Improved anabolic response (you won’t become quite so catabolic during the workout session!)
More mental focus and clarify, no more ‘hitting the wall’ so to speak
No annoying cramps that you may get with other carbohydrate products
Easy to consume – just mix and drink
Improved hydration since it’ll be mixed with water

When you stop and think about it, while all the ingredients found in a pre-workout product are important, nothing is more important than the energy source that fuels each muscle contraction. If you are not able to contract fully, you are not going to hit those PR’s.

We have all noticed how our performance plummets when we do not get enough carbohydrates in our diet so imagine what taking carbs in during the workout will do. You will see immediate benefits and go on to crush through your PR’s and notice great improvements in your fitness level.

Redcon1 Cluster Bomb
Redcon1 Cluster Bomb
Redcon1 Cluster Bomb
Redcon1 Cluster Bomb

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