Rule One R1 Mass Gainer

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Are you struggling to gain muscle mass? R1 Mass Gainer makes it easy to get the calories you need to increase your muscle mass in a short amount of time. With simple servings you can pack on big muscles for a stronger, healthier body.

  • Packed with over 1220 calories per serve
  • Low fat
  • 40g of protein per serve
  • 250g+ complex carb blend
  • Contains 9g of natural BCAAs

Containing a whopping 1220 calories, 40g of protein and 250g of carbohydrates per serve, this mass gainer is the best solution to help you pack on your desired weight. The 3 proteins found in this blend are Whey, Isolate and Whey Hydrolysate. Additionally, this formula also includes creatine, MCTs and glutamine to assist with building strong muscle and improve your gut.

When taking Mass Gainer it is recommended to also consume a high calorie diet whilst maintaining a moderate to high training schedule. This is where you will see the best gains!!


MCTs are used to help reduce body fat, increase fullness, and potentially improve your gut environment. It may also help increase energy, fight bacterial growth your heart health.


Whey Protein Isolate is naturally high in bioactive peptides for optimal muscle tissue synthesis.


Whey Protein Concentrate provides plenty of antioxidants and growth factors to enhance muscle growth. It also contains powerful amino acids.


Whey Protein Hydrolysate has ideal nutrition for stimulating muscle growth. It has been demonstrated to provide the greatest anabolic response to weight training.

Rule One R1 Mass Gainer
Rule One R1 Mass Gainer