Snickers Whey Protein + FREE Snickers Protein Bar

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Who wouldn’t love to have a snickers bar every afternoon? Those are the dreams we all wish for! But we know having a snickers bar every day won’t be good for you diet, so Mars has come to the solution why not create a protein powder that is just like snickers but better for you?

Enter the world of Snickers Whey Protein by Mars. A high protein, low carb and fat protein powder that has a delicious chocolate, caramel and peanut flavour just like the classic Snickers bar chocolate.

This protein powder is quickly absorbed and contains all essential amino acids that you need to perform to your ultimate best. Protein is an essential nutrient that the body needs to perform many functions.

Snickers Whey Protein by Mars will deliver the macronutrients needed to perform day in day out. Plus you get to taste this delicious snickers flavour protein powder every time you want to, guilty free.

When you have Snickers Whey Protein by Mars, you’ll:
  • Support body composition. When you are providing your body with the right nutrients, you will boost your metabolism for better results in and out of the gym.
  • Support muscle growth as protein helps to prevent muscle loss.  
  • Support natural antioxidant defences. Whey protein may help the body to boost the formation of glutathione, which is one of the body’s main antioxidants.  
  • Support appetite as protein makes you feel fuller for longer. 
  • Support recovery. This protein powder has all nine essential amino acids, which will help with faster recovery. 

Don’t feel guilty having snickers when you actually have Snickers Whey Protein by Mars. This protein powder tastes like the good old snickers bar, but it’s definitely better for you. High protein, low carbohydrates, sugars and fats but still the same full flavour of a snickers bar. Get your hands on it today!

Each serve (35g) of Snickers Whey Protein by Mars contains:
  • 595 kilojoules
  • 20.9g of protein
  • 3.5g of fat and 2.3g is saturated
  • 5.4g od carbohydrates and 3.7g is sugar
Snickers Whey Protein + FREE Snickers Protein Bar