Gen-Tec Pro Mass Weight Gainer Protein Chocolate 2.3kg

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Pro Mass Weight Gainer is a supplementary sports food developed for individuals with a need to gain extra weight or improve recovery from high intensity exercise. Containing protein, carbohydrates, fats, creatine monohydrate, colostrum and more, this product has key functions in recovery and muscle gain to help you take your fitness goals to the next level!


  • Gen-Tec Pro Mass Weight Gainer 2.3kg
  • Flavour: Chocolate
  • 30g of protein per serve
  • 49.9g of carbs per serve
  • Designed for bodybuilders and strength training athletes
  • A 5 stage protein blend with a high level of essential and branch chain amino acids
  • Ideal for use post-exercise for muscle growth and repair
  • Sustained 4 carbohydrate blend provides a major fuel source for intense exercise
  • Contains a high amount of medium chain triglycerides to aid those with a fast metabolism as a fuel source
  • Creatine monohydrate to support energy, strength and muscle growth
  • Colostrum supports immunity and digestion 
  • Contains 23 serves
Gen-Tec Pro Mass Weight Gainer Protein Chocolate 2.3kg