Magic Nutrition Pre Workout

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The Ultimate Pre workout for Maximum performance is now the Ultimate Pre workout for Maximum Flavour.
With all the colours & flavours of the rainbow ūüĆą¬†

What can you expect from MAGIC PRE WORKOUT? 

Magic pre users may experience the following...

 Energy - Strong, Long lasting, Smooth energy with no come down or crash, you literally feel like you can train for hours!

Focus - Laser focus, probably one of the key points of this pre workout, put your headphones in and its like you're alone in the gym!

Wellbeing - You may feel really, really good... like really good! 

Pumps - Can help promote more blood flow and Amazing pumps 

Endurance - May help improve Muscular endurance and strength

But don't take our word for it, grab a tub and give it a try! 


Ingredient Breakdown



 - Increases energy, alertness and performance

 Peak O2 

 - Enhances performance by increasing V02 Max (How much oxygen is in your body and how your body uses it)

 - Adaptogen, Allows your body to adapt and overcome physical stress.

 Studies during use have shown

8.5% increase in peak power

4.9% increase in lean body mass 

11% increase in V02 Max

Compliments beta alanine

Beta Alanine 

- Helps increase endurance 

 - Helps buffer lactic acid

 - Helps with both strength and endurance 

Cell Charge

- Helps with the uptake and bioavailability of all ingredients, meaning your body can utilise them a lot more.

Rhodiola Rosa 

 - Improves mood

 - Improves memory and performance

 - May also help improve athletic performance 

 - Helps your body better respond to stress and anxiety 

Betaine Anhydrous 

 - Helps decrease body fat

 - Helps increase lean muscle mass

 - Helps increase athletic performance 

Creatine HCL

 - Helps increase strength 

 - Helps improve cell hydration 

 - HCL provides greater absorption through the stomach


 - Helps improve blood flow, Muscle pumps and nutrient delivery

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Magic Nutrition Pre Workout
Magic Nutrition Pre Workout
Magic Nutrition Pre Workout
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Magic Nutrition Pre Workout
Magic Nutrition Pre Workout
Magic Nutrition Pre Workout
Magic Nutrition Pre Workout