Sports Research Resistance bands (5 Piece Set)

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  • Location Is No Excuse
  • Soft Grip Handles
  • Highest Quality Rubber
  • Metal Clippings
  • High Quality


  • 5 Resistance Bands
  • 2 Foam Handles
  • 2 Ankle Straps
  • Mesh Bag
  • Door Anchor
  • Training Guide

Workout Anywhere

Get a full body workout anywhere you go with Sports Research Resistance Bands. Everything you need to sculpt and strengthen your core, chest, arms, legs and back - these premium fitness bands are great at home or on the road! Comes with 5 levels of resistance and made with strong, heavy rubber to ensure they stand up to even the most intense workouts.

5 Levels of Resistance:

  • Pink - 5 lb (2.2kg)
  • Yellow - 10 lb (4.5kg)
  • Green - 15 lb (7.7kg)
  • Blue - 20 lb (9.0kg)
  • Black - 25 lb (11.3kg)


Always check equipment for worn or damaged parts before and after each use. Do not use if damaged. Always consult your Physician/General Practitioner prior to performing any physical activity. Always use extreme caution to protect your eyes when using the Resistance Bands. Sports Research recommends that you wear additional protective eyewear to prevent serious damage to your eyes if the Resistance Bands break, snap or recoil.